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The innovative watchmaker has created an intriguing timepiece to commemorate the Day of the Dead, the most important Mexican holiday celebrated every November 2. It captures the vibrant celebrations that follow the Day of the Dead. omega replica watches created five limited edition timepieces using black sapphires, brilliant-cut diamonds and black spinels. They are meant to evoke the Mexican tradition of "calaveras", the sugar skulls that Mexicans give to friends during the Day of the Dead festival, as they believe these skulls bring them good luck.

The "Dia de los Muertos", which has been recognized by UNESCO as "Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity" (ICCH) since 2003, is an important part of Mexican history and a festival that is celebrated all over the world. The festival dates back to the Aztecs, who performed dances and sang on graves for the dead, a custom that was inherited by the Spanish conquistadors. In fact, the colonial changed the date to match the Christian celebrations of All Saints replica watches This mixture of traditions has evolved into one the funniest, most colorful and cheerful festivals. The festival is characterized by interesting decorations, likable rhythms at home, and masks or caricatures depicting the dead. It lights up the streets in Mexico every year. It is their way of honoring the dead, while also laughing with irony at death.

omega replica watches created five new "Dia de los Muertos", watches that all feature the bold, signature design of the brand, but this time with sparkling stones. Three models feature a skull at the center of the dial.tag heuer carrera day date replica The skulls are decorated with seven colors, which represent the stages that the soul must go through before it can rest in peace. Two pieces have skulls covered in 374 black spinels totaling 0.62 carats.

The 46 mm cases are made of black PVD-coated stainless steel and feature a black ceramic bezel with the "paws" that have become a brand signature. The black dial is complemented by a skull and the RJ trademark X engraved on the dial. The contrast between the dark elements on the dial and the colorful applique is really striking. The spiral settings on the bezels of two versions add a subtle touch to luxury. The first is decorated with 108 diamonds in brilliant cut, and the second one has 108 black sapphires.

The third model, which is more colorful, is even more impressive. It features the X-shaped emblem and the paws that are covered in 232 diamonds weighing approximately 0.54 carats. The dial of the model with the spinel-set skulls is particularly impressive.

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